Polyester Resin



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Downloadable Instructions (PDF)


Mixing Ratio: 100% : 2% 
֍ 1kg polyester resin(blue) & 20ml Catalyst(clear)
֍ 1 x 5ml measuring syringe for acurate measurement of the catalyst.
֍ Instruction leaflet

֍ As a repair for all kinds of surfaces, such as plaster, fibreglass, aluminium and wood (except redwood and close-grained woods like oak or cedar. Do not use with Styrofoam.)
֍ For structural repairs using fibreglass cloth or mat where high impact resistance is critical 
֍ As a protective, waterproof coating and sealer.
֍ The hardener for polyester resin can be increased or decreased according to instructions, depending on temperature. Cooler temperatures require more catalyst, warmer temperatures less.
֍ Polyester is economical and easy to use.
֍ High shrinkage factor.
NOTE: Polyester resins cannot be used to repair thermoplastics; that is, the kind from which Tupperware or moulded toys like “Big Wheels” are made. Thermoplastics include polyethene, polypropylene, acrylic, PVC, and ABS.



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