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ProCoat® is a low viscosity, transparent liquid, which is a composition of an epoxy resin and an active diluent. The hardened resin layer is characterized by high resistance to abrasion. Gelation time 100g of the composition at 20C: 50 minutes Curing time: 12-24h at 20deg Use ProCoat® for super-flat, clear, glossy coatings on penny floors, bartops, counters and furniture. ProCoat® is UV resistant, hard-wearing, self-levelling and recommended for pouring at thicknesses up to 5mm. ProCoat® epoxy resin can be poured at thicknesses from just 1mm up to 5mm or more but is recommended for coatings between 1mm and 3mm making it perfect for creating a glossy resin coating over furniture as well as creative ideas like bottle tops, crushed glass, pebbles and of course the incredibly popular pennies. This composition can be used for: - making decorative wood-based items and transparent or colored resin compositions, - decorative countertops, - pouring the surface of wooden countertops, - for the production of solvent-free coatings - for impregnation, reinforcement and protection of concrete against dusting - for making fiberglass laminates, - with quartz sand - for priming concrete substrate in floor systems - with colored quartz sand - for making floors in a putty system and concrete screeds - with colored quartz sand - for making "stone rugs" - with quartz sand - for topping up and repairing floors. FEATURES: - Possibility of obtaining smooth decorative surfaces - High surface aesthetics - Possibility of coloring - Mechanical resistance - Chemical resistance - Waterproof - Easy to clean ProCoat® has been developed as a coating resin, not a casting resin. This means that whilst it is specially designed to cure with the best possible finish on the open face, it does not have the total clarity of a clear casting resin, especially when used in thick section. If the priority for your project is the clearest possible epoxy resin, especially if you're casting thicker sections, then our ProCastArt® or ProCast Max® products may be a better choice.

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