ProCast Max Resin

ProCast Max Hardener


1.0 Subject of the technical sheet
The subject of the technical sheet is the epoxy composition being a mixture
low molecular weight epoxy resins obtained from Bisphenol A and Bisphenol F, modified
monofunctional active diluent, trade name ProCast resin.
2.0 Application
ProCast resin is mainly intended for the production of epoxy-glass laminates and coatings
solvent-free and for the preparation of anti-corrosion kits and putties.
3.0 Technical parameters
ProCast resin is a clear, viscous, light-yellow liquid.
Physical and chemical parameters:
a) epoxy equivalent 195 - 205
b) epoxide number, mol / 100g 0.488 - 0.513
c) viscosity at 25 ° C, mPas 500 - 900
d) Gardner resin color, max. 2
4.0 Test methods
4.1. Determination of epoxy number and epoxy equivalent - made according to PA / TRE / 35.
4.2. Determination of viscosity at 25 ° C - done according to PA / TRE / 38, assuming for calculation
density at 25 ° C equal to 1.10 g / cm 3.
4.3 Determination of the color of the resin - made directly from the tested sample according to PA / TRE / 65 p.3.2.2.
5.0 Packaging
ProCast resin should be packed into:
- steel drums, vol. 50 l or 200 l,
- polyethylene containers (IBCs) vol. 1000 l,
- other packaging after prior agreement with the recipient and carrier.
6.0 Storage
ProCast resin should be stored in original, tightly closed packaging in
dry storage rooms. Avoid direct exposure to rays
solar, heat and fire. ProCast resin has a slight tendency to crystallize during
storage. In case of crystallization, heat the resin to 50-60oC
and mix. Under the above storage conditions, the shelf life is 1 year from
production dates.
7.0 Transport
ProCast resin is a dangerous material in transport:
It should be transported in accordance with current transport regulations and regulations
concerning the transport of hazardous materials, covered by means of transport in packaging according to p.5.0
subject to storage conditions in accordance with p.6.0.

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