Butane Blow Torches



Flamethrower Camping Welding BBQ Tool. This butane torch, the choice for many professional chefs, because it is safer and more convenient to use, easier to adjust firepower, and can heat up to 1350°C.

1. Flame and heat are adjustable
2. Can heat up to 1350°C
3. Waterproof, windproof and dampproof
4. Super convenient to change the gas can
5. Autoignition

1. Weight: Approx. 142g
2. Gas consumption: 50g~140g / h
3. Material: ABS + Alloy

Cooking and Catering Flaming, caramelizing, browning, add colour and texture to food, blistering a skinning, finishing foods for presentation and adding drama when serving. Lighting BBQs and fires. Defrosting and thawing frozen water pipes plus other plumbing work. Hobby and craftwork, model making.Soldering pipe joints.Paint stripping.

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