MDF Christmas Shapes



Our thick boards are made of high-quality MDF.

Each item consists of two parts, a board and a frame. Parts are not glued together, the glue is not included. But resin can be used for glueing and impregnating pieces. 


Light in colour, and have been extra-fine sanded on both sides for a smooth finish. Dirty pours, fluid sculpture, geodes, and mixed media masterpieces are all perfect for these art boards.


They're also pyrography-friendly, which means they can be personalized with names or patterns before adding your resin.

    Benefits of our MDF Boards:

    • MDF is low costing and time-saving.
    • Priming is not needed - so you can just pour right away.
    • Very lightweight.
    • Perfect for a whole range of creative masterpieces

    Please note: some boards may have tooling marks (unavoidable) and knots (natural) - we don't consider these to be faulty or damaged as they will be covered in epoxy resin anyway.

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